Saturday, November 5, 2011

Test Post

My twin sisters are huge fans of the Ranger's Apprentice Series. Still, at about Book 7 they stopped reading them, even though we bought them the new books. Apparently the author did something with/to one of the characters and it made them sad, so they ditched the rest of the series and reread the first 6 books. It's funny because I did and still do the exact same thing with series that I love, but as a reader feel something went wrong (Why was Echo in the Bone written?).

Anyway, I saw a video the other day of James Flanagan, the author of Ranger's Apprentice, talking about this new series, The Brotherband Chronicles, that he is writing which takes place in the same world/time as Ranger's Apprentice. The twins are super excited and can't wait to get their hands on the first book. 

Here's the video:

Are you excited for the new series? How about the possibility of a movie based on, Ranger's Apprentice?

To learn more about The Brotherband Chronicles visit,

Purchase the first book of the series, The Outcasts, on Amazon: The Outcasts (Brotherband Chronicles)

Kindle Edition: The Outcasts

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Test Post

this is a test

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